MTM NFA M16 Linkage Kit

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Are you an SOT that is tired of either A) Trying to find factory full auto Scar Fire Control Groups, and/or B) Absolutely hates installing the factory FA FCG? We couldn't stand the installation process ourselves, which is what led us to this innovation. Our patent pending linkage system in conjunction with our MilSpec Trigger Module (MTM) takes the Scar(tm) and Cypher platforms to the moon. All NFA rules apply.

  • Allows the Use of Full Auto M16 Fire Control Groups

  • Can be installed and removed in seconds


  • A standard AR15 to M16 autosear drill jig will need to be used to drill the sear pin hole in the trigger module. This is the same operation that would need to be done to convert an AR15 lower to accept FA parts. This operation should only be done by an 07/02 FFL and promptly followed by an ATF form 2.


  • A bolt carrier with a full auto interface will be required for use.  If you do not have a full auto bolt carrier, or if your host gun has denial features that prevent the installation of a FA carrier, we can convert your semi carrier to work with our system. Our system is configured for a left handed side trip, but we can configure them upon request for factory MK16 and MK17 FA bolt carriers.