Cypher MTM - Black Anodize- 308

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Introducing the Cypher MTM (Mil Spec Trigger Module).

Decades have been spent perfecting the trigger on the AR platform. Now is the opportunity to bring the same proven reliability, ease of installation, and expansive options of the AR platform to your 308 SCAR.

    • 7075 Billet Aluminum Construction

    • Light weight- Weighs approx 9oz

    • Compatible with most AR15 Triggers. Tested and proven triggers include stock mil-spec AR15 triggers, Geissele AR triggers, Franklin Armory Binary Trigger, Fail Zero Drop in Trigger, CMC Drop In Triggers.


    • Now features provisions to allow our patent pending M16 FCG linkage system for use with M16 trigger groups, DIAS, and semiautomatic Rare Breed FRT triggers.  SOT's are no longer beholden to the proprietary and unobtanium Scar(tm) hammer, selector, autosear and autosear spring assembly required to build a postsample MG.
    • Standard AR10/SR25 compatible magwell. Tested and proved mags include Magpul P Mags, Lancer L7 308 Mags, Hex Mags, Magpul D50 drum, ASC Mags, IMI Defense Mags

    • AR15 Grip Compatibliity

    • Includes bolt catch with threaded roll pin for easy installation and removal, front take down pin and take down pin spring

    • Mil Spec Type III Black Anodized Finish

  • Compatible with CypherX, SCAR® 17s and 20s firearms