Shipping & Returns


Shipping and Handling


Shipping information-

Imperial Arms only ships via USPS mail. Most orders ship out within 2 business days from when we have payment (and an FFL to ship to if shipping a receiver). 
If ordering a receiver please have your FFL email a copy of their license to Check your state and local laws before ordering, some items we sell are restricted in certain jurisdictions. By ordering, the buyer certifies that he/she has checked all applicable state and local laws and can legally buy and own the item. All NFA rules apply.
How do I return an item?

Return Information-

Imperial Arms has a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If our product does not meet your expectations, return it for a refund or exchange within seven (7) days of delivery. Shipping charges are not refundable. All returns must be in new, unused, and saleable condition. Returns can be subject to a 15% Restocking Fee. Please email us at for return instructions.

For an incorrect product shipped, or if you have any issues or difficulties with the product received, please contact us by phone or email at If product needs to be returned for replacement or for repair, we will provide you with a prepaid, USPS shipping label.

Return of a controlled item by a person who is not a dealer needs to be accompanied by a form of identification, such as a copy of a current drivers license. This is for our FFL bookkeeping requirements only.






Here at Imperial Arms, we strive for and take pride in shipping as quickly as we possibly can (please read the "shipping info" link at the top of the page for current shipping lead times). Regretfully, as of late, due to USPS staff shortages and reorganization, many packages have been showing up significantly later than what the USPS website shows as an ****estimated**** delivery time. Despite what the USPS site may deceptively lead you to believe, these dates that are displayed on the USPS websites ARE NOT guaranteed delivery times. 


First and foremost, the vast majority of USPS packages arrive on time.  We typically see 3-5 business days for most shipments, but there can and will be exceptions.


A major issue we have been seeing and that you may experience are mis-scan issues, where a package will say that it is either "awaiting pickup" or "running late" or may be "at a sorting facility. Often times, due to a mis-scan glitch on the USPS side, these messages will stay on the tracking screen until the package is out for final delivery or is actually physically delivered.


Imperial Arms Co is a manufacturer. We are not the Post Office, nor are we the USPS customer service department. We receive the same treatment and responses from the USPS as all senders and addressees. Typically, we will spend at least an hour trying to get through to USPS customer service for a single package, only for a representative to parrot off the same tracking information off same tracking screen that we all have access to.


We guarantee no matter what you order from us, and a package never arrives or arrives damaged, you will be made whole. What we must ask for is 45 days to elapse from the last time a package was scanned for us to be able to replace or refund your item. Per Section 609 of the USPS Domestic Mail Standards (viewable here), this is the time that the Post Office legally considers a package to be "lost". Should a package arrive after 45 days, and we have previously refunded or replaced your order, the Post Office will rescind any insurance claim we have made. We will require the original package to be sent back to us, at our cost (we will provide you with a prepaid label).


Typically, USPS shipments are currently taking on average 3-10 business days to arrive.  If 30 days on your shipment has elapsed and there have been no tracking updates on the post office website, PLEASE CONTACT US using the contact form above and we will put your order on the top of our radar to make sure a replacement or refund is promptly dealt with if it does not arrive by the 45 day mark.


Mail is rarely "lost" but is often mis-scanned, mis-sorted, or mis-routed. We put these shipment policies in place not as a hindrance, but as what we should all expect from real-world occurrences. This policy ensures that we can continue our commitment to provide outstanding quality, service, and prompt shipment of your order.


In final,  Western Society is rapidly collapsing. The degradation of basic services such as timely delivery of packages is a byproduct of such decline. Be prepared, stay safe, have patience, and enjoy the ride we are all stuck on.