MG3 / MG42 308 Belt Loader


Genuine Surplus MG3 Gurtfuller Belt Loader for DM-1 belts.  308 Caliber only.  (will not work with 8mm).  A must have for any M53, MG42 or MG3 owner.


These Cold War Relics are in used and working surplus condition, however physical conditions may vary depending on how the Bundeswehr Soldat handled these in their everyday usage, either abroad in the GWOT or at home for preperation against the formerly looming Red invasion.  Some units may have signs of Bundeswehr depot repairs.  Most will have MFG markings.


Each unit is tested for proper function and will make a great workhorse for loading tens of thousands of rounds.  May be missing the cleaning brush.  Ships in an ammo can in varying surplus condition (latch may be missing).