Full Auto Bolt Carrier Trip Pins

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Full auto trip pins for our Buffered Bolt Carrier.  

  • Pack of 3 pins.  One is robust enough to last a lifetime, but with small parts, it never hurts to have some extras on hand.
  • Designed to press in to our buffered bolt carrier or if you need spares from our bolt carrier conversion service.  
  • With the pin, you can configure the carrier to trip from either the left or right side.  This feature allows functionality with genuine FN FA FCGs, our M16 interface, or our Rare Breed interface.  This will also be a nessecary trip for some binary triggers.
  • We recommend using Knipex 86 03 250 adjustable pliers for easiest installation.  If you order these with a carrier from us and need it installed, please message us and we will handle the installation.