Minimalist HK UMP Stock, B+T APC Stock and SB Tactical Pistol Brace adapter for SCAR®/Cypher Receivers

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After an extensive period of engineering, testing, and marrying the stock systems of the HK UMP and FN® Scar® series of carbines, we are pleased to announce our UMP stock adapter.

It has been thoughtfully engineered with a robust, injection-molded, glass-filled polymer construction.

No corners were cut in the development of this adapter. Designed and manufactured in the same spirit of the Factory FN® Stock interface for a robust, solid, trouble-free receiver fitment and rattle-free stock interface in both the stowed and deployed conditions.

By sticking with the original, polymer injection-molded construction, the adapter is tough, yet still provides some "give" for when the carrier impacts the buffer that other alternative construction mounts may not offer.

Known Stock/Brace Compatibility-

*HK UMP Stocks
*SB Tactical SBT Brace
*B+T APC Folding Stock
*B+T APC Folding/Adjustable Stock

Includes all mounting hardware. Made in the USA.

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